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If you were a cat food, you would be "Fancy Bitch"

or perhaps, "Tender Bitches"

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1 November 1978
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adam ant, agent honeydew, andy samberg, animals, anti-cruelty, anti-fakers, art, artistic furniture, atomic age, baking, big cities, big hair, boots, booze, boston, bright colors, cats, charity, chemical peels, classy bitches, cleanliness, clothes, clubbing, cooking, cosmopolitans, creativity, cruelty free products, days of our lives, decorating, design, devo, digital art, dolls, drawing, dressing up, dyed hair, eating healthy, ebay, eclectic decorating, estheticians, esthetics, ethics, extreme looks, eyebrows, eyelash extensions, eyeshadow, facials, false eyelashes, fashion, fashion design, faux fur, framboise, furniture, geckos, george michael, glam, glamour, glasses, glitter, go go dancing, gossip, high-fashion, honesty, humor, image editing, independent people, interior decorating, interior design, ipod, jimmy fallon, laughing, law and order svu, lipstick, looking pretty, makeup, makeup artistry, makeup artists, making juice, mannequins, marketing, mid-century furniture, modeling, modern decor, new york city, obscure music, originality, painting, photoshoots, platform shoes, polyester, professional makeup, reading labels, retro, retro hair, retro style, reupholstering, robots, rockin out, runway fashion shows, sarcasm, saturday night live, self-confidence, sephora, shoes, sketch comedy, skincare, smart-asses, snl, spacegirls, spas, stiletto heels, sunglasses, superiority complexes, synthetic hair, taking pictures, tattoos, tea, the castle, thrift stores, tim armstrong, tofu, tom jones, tony, uniforms, vega, vegan, vegetarian, velvet underground, vintage clothing, vinyl, volkswagen, vw, whole foods, wigs, wow wow wubbzy, yo gabba gabba

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